5 reasons why your brand needs custom printed merchandise

In the modern day it’s harder than ever to drown out the distractions from other brands and competitors, the world is full of both memorable and unmemorable brands so it’s important that you make every effort to stand out.  

To help your brand cut through the noise, here are 5 reasons why your brand needs custom printed merchandise.

1 – Brand Awareness

There are many ways to become a memorable brand and one of the most important factors of all is brand awareness.   To achieve good brand awareness you need to be present not just in the online world, but in the real physical offline world as well.  The best way to stay in the minds of your customers in the real physical world is by giving out freely or selling custom printed merchandise.   

2 – Word of Mouth and Referrals

The best brands in the world are the ones that become household names, everyone knows them,  they talk about them, their logos are crisp, their colours are engaging and almost everyone can identify them easily.   

When your customers and targeted audience are carrying around, wearing or using your custom printed merchandise then it becomes a talking point amongst their friends, colleagues and family as well.   This in turn creates word of mouth and referral marketing and sales.   

The more unique your items are the more people will talk about them when they are seen,

3 – Novelty & Useful

Whilst custom branded merchandise is a great way to increase brand awareness, it can also be a novelty for those who own your merchandise.  In some cases it’s not just a novelty that customers enjoy to own but it can also become a useful part of their life which keeps your brand present in their day to day lives.

Custom printed merchandise comes in many different forms such as; t shirts, hoodies, hats, clothing, accessories, stickers, posters, flyers, pens, coasters, magnets, keyboard brushes, stationary, bags, holders and all kinds of other everyday items.  The more useful your branded item is, the more your audience will bring it everywhere with them, keeping your brand present and visible at every turn.

4 – Custom merchandise gives your brand flavour

The more creative your custom printed merchandise is, the more it’s going to stay in the mind of your customers.  When your brand releases any type of creativity in the form of merchandise then your audience will notice it.  If it looks plain and boring then that’s what they may think of your brand, however, if you come out with something super creative and unique then that’s going to make people look twice.  

If you get people looking twice at your creative custom merch then they are going to remember it and consider your brand later when your products or services are needed in their lives. 

5 – Custom printed merch is a great thing to give away

There’s something about holding and owning custom printed merch that is fun.  Whether it be just something simple that’s useful all the way to an exclusive limited edition item that only a select few can get by being in the know, winning a contest or otherwise, it’s always satisfying to receive something from your favourite brand.

Whilst you can sell branded merch and people will buy it if it’s right,  if you give away merch then that will make your customers really feel special and be much more likely to return to you later.  


Don’t take our word for all of this, to see these reasons in effect simply do this test.  Take a 5 minute break to look around your home or office and count how many branded items you can spot that you have received from companies, we bet that you’ll count at least a couple and a few of them may have even been there for many months or even years.

If you want to improve your brand’s awareness and word of mouth referrals through custom printed merchandise then just get in touch with us today to discuss options of what type of merch would suit your business best.

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