Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a minimum order quantity?

    Yes, the minimum is 20 garments per order. The minimum quantity allows us to cover the set up costs without having to charge you a ridiculous price.

    Please Note:  That being said we do have the ability to do ‘one offs’ or small runs of cad-cut designs.

  • What are your turn around time frames?

    Once your artwork/design has been approved and payment had been made you can expect your products to be completed within 10 working days. If you require a quicker turn around, additional charges may apply.

  • Can you create the design for me?

    We have an in-house graphic design team that can help you design your garments.

    Please Note: Additional costs are involved so contact us for more information

  • Can I supply my own garments?

    You can supply your own garments for printing. However if the garment is made from an unsuitable fabric or unsuitable style of garment – we may not be able to print on it.

    While we do take care with every print job with no “seconds” we do suggest that you supply a couple of extra garments in case of any errors.

  • How many colours can I choose?

    Our screen printing machines are all purpose built, the amount of colours in a print may be limited by the size of the design and the quantity of prints you require. Our equipment can accommodate UP TO 12 colours on one design.

  • Is there any part of the garment I cant print on?

    You can print on most areas of the garment, however there are some areas on the garment that we cant get a great quality print. Every garment and design is individual, so please ask us if you are unsure.

  • What Kinds of Inks are Used?

    Plastisol, water-base, environmentally friendly PVC free inks.

  • How long after my job has been completed can I put through repeat orders?

    We do not hold customer stencils on screen after printing. Due to the large number of jobs we produce every week, we constantly reuse our screens for new jobs. We add the films from your print setup to our client library so we can quickly prepare fresh screens anytime a repeat order is needed. When you repeat jobs of the same design, a small re-setup fee will be charged.

  • Dark Garment Instructions

    To get a nice clean and clear print, we need to put a base colour down on dark colour garments. We  usually print a white base to give colours a more vibrant look on dark garments.

  • Garment Care Instructions

    The best way to look after your garments is to wash them inside out in a cold wash and hang them out to air dry.  If you are going to put items in the tumble dryer – make sure you turn them inside out to prevent the inks from fading or running.

  • What Payment Types are Available?

    We can accept payment in many different ways. The easiest way to pay is to click the payment section on your invoice and pay with EFT – via a bank transfer or PayPal.

    We can also accept credit card payment or cash at our showroom.

  • How Can I Get My Goods Once Ready

    Once your products are completed and your account is settled we will organise for your goods to be shipped to an address of your choice.
    Goods can be sent by: same day courier, overnight or standard post.  We can easily ship to anywhere in Australia or Internationally.

    If you are in Melbourne and want to save on delivery costs, you are more than welcome to come down and pick them up from our showroom.

    Please arrange pick up times prior to coming into the showroom.