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At Australian Merch Co, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality screen printing in Melbourne thanks to our decades of experience. Trusted by some of the biggest brand in the country, Our facilities utilise the very best, state of the art equipment, ensuring that our automatic presses have the capability to screen print over ten thousand shirts a day! We only purchase premium inks, giving your products a great feel and the added bonus of an easy, hassle free washing experience.

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Screen Printing Frequently Asked Questions

Screen printing (also known as silk screening) is a process where ink is forced through a mesh screen template onto a surface like a stencil onto clothing. It uses a screen that's placed over the t-shirt and brightly colored ink is then dragged across the t-shirt to create the design one colour at a time.

The biggest difference is that screen printing is done one colour at a time, while digital presses usually produce a full 4-colour process print in one pass. 


Generally speaking, the quality of screen printing usually lasts longer on the garment than a digital print due to the method that the ink is absorbed onto the garment.

There is no one size fits all answer to this question because there are a number of factors that would determine which type of printing is best for your project.   The factors that determine which is best for your project include; what is your design,  how many colours does it have, what budget are you working with and how do you want the final product to feel or look like.


Designs with only a few flat colours are ideal for screen printing, whilst for designs with many colours and details are usually better for digital printing.   If your design has gradients within them, they can be done with screen printing, however, it requires a very different crosshatching design technique whilst designing your vector files for the mesh screen.

Screen printing uses ink that's forced through mesh screens onto the garment, whereas embroidery is sewn with stitches.

Our minimum for screen Printing is 25 units (For up to 3 colours/ 4 colours or more are 50 units minimum/6+ colours = 70 units, 9+ colours = 100 units)) These quantities can be broken up across various garment styles however they MUST be the same design/colours for printing. Our sales team will be able to help explain any questions you may have in relation to colours and designs.

Once your artwork/design has been approved and payment has been made, depending on stock availabilities, you can expect your products to be completed within 2-3 working weeks. If you require a quicker turn-around, additional charges will apply.

We can help to some extent however it's often best for you to have the designs exactly how you’d like them printed prior to sending them to us as it will speed up the process so you can have your order ASAP! - Please note there are additional costs for graphic design services that vary depending on complexity.

Yes, but please note that the minimum order quantity per order, design and invoice is 25 units (for up to 3 colours/ 4 colours or more are 50 units minimum/6+ colours = 70 units, 9+ colours = 100 units) there is also a $2.50 garment supply fee per garment.


We will however reserve the right to not print a garment if it’s made from unsuitable fabric or it’s an unsuitable style. Please note that while every care is taken to supply a full print job with no ‘seconds’ it is advisable to supply a couple more t-shirts in case of any errors.


If you wish to source your own garments, please make sure all garments abide to the following.


  1. Garments are unpacked and folded neatly with their sizes grouped and separated.
  2. Cleared of any stickers and swing tags ( if attached ) and are ready for printing.
  3. Full size breakdown and packing list prior to invoicing and payment.

We charge an unpacking fee for any garments that do not adhere to this process. In the case of supplying a garment type/brand that we’re unfamiliar with, we ask you to provide us with a sample for us to inspect.

Our screen printing machines are all purpose built, the amount of colours in a print may be limited by the size of the design and the quantity of prints you require. Our equipment can accommodate UP TO 12 colours on one design.


If you need more colours than that or your design is very detailed with gradients and shading, digital printing & vinyl transfer may be a better option for your design. 


Our team will help you choose the best service that's suited for your project if you require assistance.

You can print on most areas of the garment, however there are some areas on the garment that we cant get a great quality print. Every garment and design is individual, so please ask us if you are unsure.

Plastisol, water-base, environmentally friendly PVC free inks.

While we would love to keep your screens for future orders, our high volume of jobs require us to repurpose screens quite often For repeat orders we keep the screen information in our digital screen library however in most cases, an additional screen set up per colour will be charged - please speak to our team to discuss how this may effect your particular business.

To get a nice clean and clear print, we need to put a base colour down on dark colour garments. We  usually print a white base to give colours a more vibrant look on dark garments.

Each garment is tagged with the best care for that particular brand and garment. Whilst it isn't essential, like all clothing purchased anywhere, we do recommend that the end customer washes it before first use to extend the life of the garment.

A quote approval or placing a 50% deposit is an acknowledgement that the client is responsible for payment of the invoice in full and the details such as garment type, colour and quantity. Clients are required to meet their payment terms or payment due date listed in their order unless pre-arranged terms have been made with Australian Merch Co.


Australian Merch Co. is also not responsible for resupplying stock in the event of damage to the garment or failure to check the garment types, colours and quantities listed on your quote, invoice, mock up e-proof. At Australian Merch Co.’s sole discretion compensation may be afforded in the form of a discount or credit.

We cannot be responsible for any shipping delays caused by the shipping company. If no one is present or available to sign or collect your delivery on arrival, you will be invoiced for a return delivery fee and another delivery fee back to your original address, that’s a minimum of 3 delivery fee’s in total.

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