What is clothing and t shirt screen printing ?

Screen printing is one of the most common methods of printing custom designed t shirts and clothing.  This process has been around for centuries, albeit improved and mastered over the years with technology, knowledge and workmanship.  

In simplified terms, a mesh screen is made with the custom screen printing design to form a stencil and the ink is then pushed through the stencil on to the t shirt or garment.  The process is often repeated a few times but it depends on the material that is being printed on, the type of ink used and the final desired result.   There are various ink types and an extensive amount of colours to use, these are often determined by the screen printing operator with the final effect in mind.

By using a technique like screen printing for clothing it has a few general rules when it comes to the type of designs that can be achieved with this method.  The main rule is that since there can only be one type or colour ink applied at a time it means that every mesh screen or stencil must be a single colour.  

Multiple screens and ink colours or types can be used on a single garment, however, for every colour used requires the inking process to be repeated separately and for every differing layer of design it requires a new screen mesh design.   This is often referred to as spot colour printing,  this can be limiting when trying to print designs that use multi coloured gradients or many colours within the design. 

Screen printing is the most popular printing method for clothing because of its quality and also because it generally last longer than other methods of clothing print.

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